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Health and Safety Management System

Zintek bases its business on ethical principles and promotes quality of life values, respecting the environment and mankind. The company has therefore chosen to implement a Workers Health and Safety Management System, based on the UNI ISO 45001:2018 Standard; in this context, Zintek aims for ongoing improvement, involving all levels of responsibility within its structure.

The company promotes all direct actions to ensure that provision of its services does not present significant risks for health and safety of its employees in the workplace.
In the context of this policy and with regards to formal commitment concerning its goal, Zintek declares the following:

  • That it will commit to operate in compliance with (national and international) laws, regulations and standards and with corporate policies, including all requirements established by the company in agreement with interested parties;
  • That it will disclose this safety document to all workers and interested parties;
  • That it will activate adequate communication channels both internally and externally, and in particular for all interested parties;
  • That it will introduce and regularly update management and monitoring procedures to constantly check the health and safety of its staff and for any interventions required to remedy non-compliant situations, anomalies or emergencies;
  • That it will develop programmes, objectives and targets, and that it will supply the necessary number of trained and efficient human resources as well as adequate material resources to meet the aforementioned objectives and targets;
  • That it will enhance the activities involved in training and information of all operators, making them aware of their individual duties, of the importance of each of their actions in terms of achieving expected results and of their safety-related responsibilities;
  • That it will facilitate and promote the implementation of methodologies, interventions and adjustments aimed at reducing injuries and occupational pathologies;
  • That it will identify operational hazards and perform prior assessments of risks for staff in all current operations and any new activity and/or process, so that solutions may be implemented to prevent injuries, occupational pathologies and in any case to minimize the occurrence and extent of such events;
  • That it will work to raise awareness among suppliers and interested parties concerning compliance with workplace health and safety policies, laws and commitments;
  • That it will perform periodic reviews of the Workplace Health and Safety Management System, in order to assess and ensure its congruence, adequacy, effectiveness and appropriateness in relation to the organization, for the purpose of defining ongoing goals for improvement;
  • That it will analyze and monitor N.C.s;
  • That it will periodically re-examine risk assessments, to check their congruence in relation to the company business.

In order to implement the principles listed in this document, the company has nominated a Management Representative for the Health and Safety Management System, who has the title, responsibility and authority to:

  • Ensure that the safety management system requisites are set, applied and kept compliant with applicable standards;
  • Report to management with regards to the performance and efficiency of the safety management system, so that it may be reviewed and improved;
  • Manage monitoring and checks concerning the Health and Safety Management System.
System Certifications:

FSC® Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council® is active all over the globe in promoting management of forests that is respectful of the environment, socially useful and economically sustainable.