Prysmian Headquarters

Not just any building, but an actual work of avant-garde architecture, capable of combining luminosity and automation, vitality and transparency, while respecting both economic and structural feasibility, as well as ecological sustainability criteria.

Following the vision of the architect Maurizio Varratta, who interpreted the needs of the company and adapted them to those of the area, the headquarters of the Prysmian Group stand out as the model of an industry that places the well-being of human beings at its core.

Zintek developed the roofing solutions and part of the façade cladding, some decorative elements and the perforated false ceilings of the suspended corridors connecting the single buildings.

Prysmian Headquarters

A precious volume presenting the project behind the development of the Prysmian Headquarters, designed by the architect Maurizio Varratta. The iconographic sections and technical part – focusing on the building envelope – are particularly well-curated, featuring technical drawings and construction details. Format: 23 x 23 cm, 212 pages