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Technical division

The Zintek technical division consists of a technical office at the service of designers, companies and installation firms. The office offers design and technical consultancy, as well as collaboration in defining cost estimates and expense budgets. Furthermore, it collaborates with architects, designers and worksite technicians: these interactions allow for improved application solutions for each project.

Technical Office

The technical office also distributes all the information support documents prepared by the company over the course of the years: product specifications and files conceived for designers and installation firms, pre-established and customizable according to customer needs, as well as the exclusive Development in architecture manual.

In order to meet the needs of each project, this manual is available in two versions: an encyclopaedic redaction and a pocket-format one, suitable for consultation in the workshop and on the worksite.


Zintek P.O.L. is the innovative zintek® software capable of providing detailed cost specifications for projects in just a few minutes.

Customers do not need to insert any parameters except for the surface involved in the project and their choice between natural and pre-coated zintek®.

The software is in italian language only

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