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Children’s Surgical Hospital

The Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe, on the banks of Lake Victoria, in Uganda, is an extraordinarily beautiful building. It simultaneously expresses solidity and lightness, deep rootedness and upward thrust.

Its construction was based on strict environmental and sustainability rules, both in the selection of the materials and in terms of the technological and constructive process.

The project was designed by Renzo Piano and his RPBW Studio, in collaboration with the TAMassociati Studio. The shared goal was to offer EMERGENCY (alongside the Building division of the humanitarian association) a hospital capable of marrying physical beauty with ethical beauty, i.e. high medical quality and high quality of life. The structure is characterized by its harmonious spatial distribution and highly specialized environment; this is a home for the sick, but also for their families, for the doctors and the entire technical staff.

Zintek played a pivotal role in the construction of the hospital. The company manufactured and installed the roof envelope, as well as the gutters, downpipes, false ceilings and protruding elements.

The hospital was built by combining availability of resources, ease of use and durability over time. This is why zintek® titanium zinc proved to be the ideal material for the specific Ugandan context.