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Always attentive to latest trends, Zintek introduces six colors that enhance the nature of zintek® zinc-titanium, while leaving its properties unaltered.


The products in the «The Color Line» series enhance titanium-zinc zintek®’s natural appearance without affecting its properties.

There are nine variants available: Mediterranean Blue, Lagoon Green, Sardinian Myrtle Green, Antique Red, Natural Earth Brown, Graphite Black, Smoke Grey, Moonstone Grey, and Rock Grey.

Choosing zintek® offers the visible and tangible pleasure of a living material that maintains its value throughout its long life.

Material architecture:

Quality that makes a difference


A range of coloured rolled metals with a vast array of potential applications.


Different hues, same technical and functional characteristics.


Top-quality rolled metals that imbue each project with character and originality.

Mediterranean Blue

The fascinating charm of the underwater world reproduced in a soft color tinged by striking venations, worthy of the king of the seas.

Lagoon Green

A tribute to the city of Venice and the changing colors of the waters overlooked by the bridges and palaces of the glorious Serenissima.

Sardinian Myrtle Green

A deep green with bold veins that evokes the shades and aromas of Mediterranean scrubland on a warm summer night.

Antique Red

The red that has always defined the image of “home”, from the walls that protect to the roof that covers. Same color, revolutionary performance.

Natural Earth Brown

A tribute to the color of the earth, to the ground that sustains forests and cities. A fitting reminder of humanity’s responsibilities towards the well-being of the planet.

Graphite Black

Graphite is a mineral that, like very few of others… leaves a mark. Each work is born with the stroke of a pencil, which follows the project from concept to reality.

Rock Grey

The original zintek® colour: a strong and elegant grey that clads every city’s most important buildings and, like rock, stands the test of time.

Smoke Grey

The colour of an autumn evening in the city, with dark veins suggesting a recent rain shower. A cloak that wraps up your soul and invites you to rest both body and mind.

Moonstone Grey

A sensory journey to the other side of the moon: a velvety grey that reflects the air of mystery surrounding our satellite’s hidden face.


A project for your future, a future for your projects.

Realizations with zintek® «THE COLOR LINE»