Ethics and sustainability

The managerial model Zintek aims to meet is that of a company that promotes values strictly linked to the concept of Made in Italy: creativity, dedication, respect for workers and fair competition. In addition to these key principles, another fundamental value the company promotes is sustainability: Zintek creates a unique product, both recyclable and eco-sustainable, with extremely low environmental impact.


Building in a sustainable way and for a sustainable world is a dictate no-one can escape.

In Zintek, sustainability is the basis for every choice, as much in the production area as in the selection of the projects the company decides to participate in.



The managerial model implemented by Zintek is that of a company that promotes moral values such as observance of the law, respect for workers and fair competition.

Based on these choices, Zintek pursues observance of the values of democracy, equality, fairness and solidarity and binds itself to observe this Code of behavior in all its actions, whether internal or directed at the external world.

Failure to observe these principles is incompatible with the company business, on every level.

The natural consequence of the above is reciprocal respect for assigned roles, which in turn leads to a collaboration between individuals characterized by an urbanity of manners and language, compliant with the polite attitude that must govern relations both within the structure and towards the outside.

This document is the reference point for the behavior of all individuals contributing to operations carried out by Zintek.

Trust: Zintek cannot be successful without the reciprocal trust of all individuals who contribute to its business on a daily basis, even in the presence of partially conflicting interests. Trust is based on sharing the mission, on everyone’s respect for the values and provisions contained in these principles.

Human resources: The valorization of human resources, respect for their independence, the incentive based on their participation in company decisions: these are key principles for the Zintek management, which will offer refresher and training programs aimed at enhancing specific professional skills and at maintaining and growing the know-how acquired by workers during collaborations with the company.

Morality: Zintek must ensure that its representatives and collaborators are aware of the ethical significance of their actions and that they do not pursue personal or corporate gains at the expense of observance of currently effective laws and of the hereby listed behavioral rules. In particular, the company must prevent any illegal benefits being attributed to Clients and Suppliers. Zintek must make sure that its representatives and collaborators do not operate – on their own initiative or on behalf of third parties – in situations in which they promote interests that are in conflict with the company’s contractual counterparts.

Transparency: Zintek must ensure that its representatives and collaborators promote the image of the company with clarity, correctness and transparency in all its relations, and that they help this image be understood as clearly as possible. For the purpose of achieving this goal, the company offers the most complete and transparent information possible concerning its business guidelines.

Confidentiality: Zintek must ensure that its representatives and collaborators protect the confidentiality of the personal data kept both in databases and personal archives, and must set in place all necessary measures to guarantee compliance with current privacy laws. Processing of data collected via specific company forms by Zintek will only be aimed at fulfilling tasks concerning its business.

Impartiality: Zintek must ensure that its representatives and collaborators operate in line with concrete circumstances, avoiding any discriminatory or opportunistic forms of behavior. Zintek commits to making no discriminations based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political opinions or physical handicaps.

Health and Safety in the workplace: Zintek must ensure that its representatives and collaborators implement all safety measures required by technological evolution, and works to guarantee the physical integrity and moral personality of its employees.