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Ethics and sustainability

The managerial model Zintek aims to meet is that of a company that promotes values strictly linked to the concept of Made in Italy: creativity, dedication, respect for workers and fair competition. In addition to these key principles, another fundamental value the company promotes is sustainability: Zintek creates a unique product, both recyclable and eco-sustainable, with extremely low environmental impact.


Building in a sustainable way and for a sustainable world is a dictate no-one can escape.

In Zintek, sustainability is the basis for every choice, as much in the production area as in the selection of the projects the company decides to participate in.


The management model that Zintek proposes is that of a company that upholds moral values such as compliance with laws, respect for workers, and fair competition.

Therefore, Zintek has adopted its own Code of Ethics, which reflects the company’s commitment to:

  • provide guidelines to personnel to help recognise and address ethical issues;
  • maintain a culture of integrity, honesty, and responsibility within the company, focusing on how to manage areas at risk.

It contains the rights, duties, and responsibilities of internal and external stakeholders of the company, beyond and independently of what is provided for by law.

Based on these choices, Zintek pursues the values of democracy, equality, fairness, and solidarity and commits to observing this Code of Ethics in all its activities, internal or external.

Failure to comply with these principles is incompatible with the activity carried out in the company at any level.

A natural result of what is established in the code is mutual respect within the assigned roles, leading to collaboration between individuals characterised by courteous behaviour and language that is in line with the attitude of good manners that should prevail, both within the structure and towards the outside.

The Values on which Zintek bases its actions are:

  • Trust: Zintek cannot succeed without the mutual trust of all parties who contribute daily, even in the presence of partially conflicting interests. Trust is based on the sharing of the mission and the respect for each of the values and provisions of the principles presented.
  • Human resources: the enhancement of human resources, the respect for their autonomy, the incentive based on their participation in the company’s decisions constitute fundamental principles for Zintek’s managers, who will prepare training and development programs to enhance specific skills and preserve and enhance the acquired competencies over the course of the collaboration.
  • Morality: Zintek must ensure that its representatives and collaborators are aware of the ethical meaning of their actions and do not pursue personal or corporate gain at the expense of compliance with applicable laws and the norms outlined here. In particular, it must avoid giving illicit advantages to Customers and Suppliers. Zintek must ensure that its representatives and collaborators do not operate in situations where they hold interests in conflict with those of their contractual counterparts on their behalf or behalf of third parties.
  • Transparency: Zintek must ensure that its representatives and collaborators clearly, fairly, and diligently convey the company’s image in all its relationships and facilitate its understanding. To this end, the most complete and transparent information possible is guaranteed regarding the guidelines of the business activity.
  • Confidentiality: Zintek must ensure that its representatives and collaborators protect the confidentiality of personal data in both databases and personal archives and that all the obligations provided for by current privacy regulations are observed. The treatment to which the data collected with the specific company forms will be subjected will be directed solely towards the performance by Zintek of the purposes related to the exercise of its activity.
  • Impartiality: Zintek must ensure that its representatives and collaborators do not engage in discriminatory and opportunistic behaviour. Zintek commits to not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, sexual preferences, political opinions, or physical disabilities.
  • Safety and health in the workplace: Zintek must ensure that its representatives and collaborators adopt all the necessary safety measures required by technological evolution and works to ensure the physical integrity and moral personality of its workers.