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Development in Architecture – Pocket

Manual for designing and constructing zintek® roofing and cladding solutions. A key tool for the correct application of rolled zintek® titanium zinc rolled products, this manual was conceived and prepared with designers and installation technicians in mind.

Now in its fifth edition, Development in Architecture features new tables and technical drawings, photos and updated contents to help the reader perform optimal installations of the main Zintek product.

Indications and references concerning zintek® products will guide the reader step-by-step during the various phases involved in installing the rolled products, insulating roofing solutions, cladding façades, welding operations and in finishing and tinsmithery constructions.

All technical information on the product is included, to ensure its correct installation and combination with different construction materials.

A synthesis of the expertise and professionalism developed over the years in the Zintek Technical office, the Development in Architecture manual is an indispensable support both in the design phase and during worksite operations, as well as a useful source of knowledge for anyone approaching the use of rolled zintek® titanium zinc rolled products for the first time.