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Zintek Academy

The Zintek Academy is a UNI ISO 21001:2019 certified training provider.

Zintek is a certified training body UNI ISO 21001:2019 IT315440-1 dated: 23 May 2022

Its spaces at Zintek’s headquarters in Porto Marghera, Venice include a lecture theatre, a 300 smq showroom featuring models and mock-ups, and a lab containing a full range of metalworking machinery and equipment for various practical exercises.

Zintek founded the academy as a way to invest in human capital and skills and provide opportunities for professional development and qualifications. It is proof of the business’s innovative and pioneering approach to everything it does: from its product research and the way it manages its production systems to its cultural project that brings together experience, documentation, and technical skills.

The academy has also strengthened Zintek’s leading role in the world of technical training, offering a wide range of development opportunities for professionals in the sector. Sheet metal workers can now enhance their skills and obtain a Certification that formally recognizes their ability, while architects and designers can benefit from specific training courses, meetings, and seminars exploring the potential of zintek® cladding and design best practices.

In addition to being a first-rate training provider, the Zintek Academy is therefore a genuine cultural hub that brings together different elements — production and training, public and private sector, businesses, and governing bodies — and fosters new forms of collaboration for a sustainable future.