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Focus Project:


Zintek collaborates with internationally renowned architects in the development of constructions with high architectonic value.

Royal Gardens of Venice

Project: Alberto Torsello, Carlo Aymonino, Gabriella Barbini Botanical restoration : Paolo Pejrone Supervisor of the Works: Alberto Torsello 2016-2019 PRESERVATION AND RESTORATION FOR URBAN RENEWAL

— Project details

Tina Anselmi Primary School – Marcon – Venice

Zintek Academy

The redevelopment of a pedestrian bridge blends design and functionality The construction is characterized by a dual nature: on one hand, this is an independent,

The Shuiwei pedestrian bridge is one of the most interesting projects developed in the city of Shenzhen. The managers of the Shenzhen municipal government have

Zintek in metropolitan areas, industrial redevelopment that looks to the future

Children’s Surgical Hospital by EMERGENCY – Entebbe – UGANDA The Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe, on the banks of Lake Victoria, in Uganda, is an

to enter the soul of Venice, respect the customs of the city and represent a dialogue with the future

Near Genoa, a modern villa with zintek® roofing blends in perfectly with the landscape and nature. Titanium-zinc zintek® is the protagonist not only in large

Una delle domande più frequenti in un Paese, come l’Italia, che fa i conti con un inaspettato post pandemia, è come si evolverà l’edilizia scolastica

Shopping Center – Favaro

Conservare la memoria, per guardare al futuro

The EMERGENCY Pediatric surgery center of excellence in Uganda The construction of the new Pediatric surgery center began in February 2017 in Entebbe, on the

During recent years, building envelopes have become a field for experimenting, for interactions between architecture and the environment thanks to the use of color, light

Architecture is sustainable when the economic values of a project are taken into consideration while also accepting all the ethical, environmental and social weight of the choices involved.

Zintek has participated in numerous urban regeneration and cultural projects. One of the most prestigious is that behind the M9 Museum in Mestre.

With more than 23 million inhabitants, Shanghai is the largest and most populated city in China; a financial, commercial and urban international hub and, for

Bilbao A city in continuous development: this is how Bilbao likes to present itself to its visitors. In recent decades, the capital of Biscay has

A new conception of en plein air holidays

One of the greatest modern innovations in architecture is its reconstruction of urban knowledge. The direction taken is one of sustainability as a lifestyle and

The best known figures of Italian and international design, from the Castiglioni brothers to Gio Ponti, from Ettore Sottsass to Joe Colombo, were (and are)

Architecture and design represent the building foundations of the charm and the beauty defining so many places: metropolises, small capitals and towns, animated by a

“thus arranged by the sides of the canal, the houses evoked thoughts of natural places, yet a nature that forged its works with a human

When designing a new building, the first thing to do is to take a look at the surrounding landscape. It is in fact in the

Philosophy, design and materials science are three red threads that have intertwined more than once in the history of architecture. Over the years, the choices

First were carpenters, then it was the turn of seamstresses and leather goods craftsmen, followed closely by bakers and, in recent years, even by barbers.

Our lives are profoundly influenced by the health of our body, as well as by the urban and architectural environment that surrounds us. Eastern philosophy

Growing pollution, melting glaciers and increasing number of respiratory tract disorders are just some of the reasons that have led most nations of the world

Venezia Heritage Tower

Le Conterie – Venice

Bank of Cooperative Credit – Friulovest

Messaggero di Sant’Antonio – Padua

Commercial Building – Scorzè

ACTV Venice piers

ANCE Building’s Citadel – Venice

Lifestyle Center – Venice

Steiner-Waldorf “Novalis” School – Conegliano

San Michele Arcangelo Church – San Michele di Piave (TV)

Psenner Distillery – Termeno (BZ)

University of Padua

Muse – Trento

Who said that cities get crowded only when the sun is shining and the warm air invites you to lie down on the lawns? Accomplice

Move Hotel – Mogliano Veneto (TV)

San Luca Hospital IRCCS Auxological Institute – Milan

Post Building – Trieste

World Join Center – Milan

Central Dairy – Vicenza

San Lorenzo Martire Church – Rualis (UD)

Manutencoop – Mestre

Lido of Venice Terminal

Ferrari Plant – Modena

Molino Stucky – Venice

Carrefour Mall – Limbiate

Residential Construction

Verdi Theater – Pordenone

Villa Sigurtà – Valeggio sul Mincio (VR)