Le Albere

The Le Albere neighborhood, the Renzo Piano-designed requalification of the former Michelin industrial area, was conceived with the goal of returning a long abandoned area to the citizens of Trent.

Developed across an 11-hectare surface, it includes apartments, offices, shops, parks, a multi-functional cultural center and the MUSE, the new natural science museum of the city. The neighborhood is connected to the city by a cycling path that runs next to the river.

The roofing solutions of all the buildings were developed using rolled zintek® titanium zinc products supplied by Zintek S.r.l. which, in its capacity as general contractor, also proposed and developed the full stratigraphy of the substructure sustaining the rolled products “skin”.

Le Albere

A precious large-format bound volume presenting the Le Albere neighborhood, an industrial requalification intervention carried out in Trent and based on a project by Renzo Piano. Featuring many useful images, the volume offers an overview of the works as a whole, before focusing on the roofing solutions, addressed from both a design and strictly technical point of view. Format: 23,5 x 23,5 cm, 174 pages