Partner for distributors of titanium zinc rolled products for roofing and cladding

Partner for the world of Architecture and for professionals in the sector.

Zintek for professionals

For architects and designers

Architects and designers are Zintek’s natural interlocutors. The company offers these professionals a full set of technical tools, consultancy and assistance to help them define their project and the correspondent technical specifications.

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For installation technicians

Installation technicians and firms are key partners for the promotion and correct application of zintek® rolled products. Over the course of the years, the company has created a network of reliable and qualified collaborators, also thanks to the training services organized in its Tinsmithery School.

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Zintek Srl

Zintek is the all-Italian company that produces and markets rolled zinc-titanium zintek® products for architectural use.

In its plant, located in Venice Porto Marghera and active for over 80 years, the company offers a production chain that covers every step of the process from zinc casting to the production, sale and application of zintek®.

Rolled zintek® titanium zinc products

zintek® is available for sale in different surface finishes:

zintek® The Color Line


Always attentive to latest trends, Zintek introduces six colors that enhance the nature of zintek® zinc-titanium, while leaving its properties unaltered.

An innovative offer for the world of architecture and design: six different colors, infinite expressive possibilities.

Zintek offers its services as a commercial partner for distributors of titanium zinc rolled products

Distributors are a key element in the Zintek commercial chain, both in Italy and abroad. This is why we establish a relationship with them that goes beyond mere economic transactions, by offering consultancy and assistance, and providing useful tools we have fine-tuned over the course of the years.

Investigations and insights on important issues of architecture, construction and urban development.