Zintek for professionals

For architects and designers

Architects and designers are Zintek’s natural interlocutors. The company offers these professionals a full set of technical tools, consultancy and assistance to help them define their project and the correspondent technical specifications.

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For installation technicians

Installation technicians and firms are key partners for the promotion and correct application of zintek® rolled products. Over the course of the years, the company has created a network of reliable and qualified collaborators, also thanks to the training services organized in its Tinsmithery School.

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Zintek Srl

Zintek is the all-Italian company that produces and markets rolled zinc-titanium zintek® products for architectural use.

In its plant, located in Venice Porto Marghera and active for over 80 years, the company offers a production chain that covers every step of the process from zinc casting to the production, sale and application of zintek®.

Rolled zintek® titanium zinc products

zintek® is available for sale in different surface finishes:

zintek® The Color Line


Always attentive to latest trends, Zintek introduces six colors that enhance the nature of zintek® zinc-titanium, while leaving its properties unaltered.

An innovative offer for the world of architecture and design: six different colors, infinite expressive possibilities.

Investigations and insights on important issues of architecture, construction and urban development.