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Panlong Tiandi Cultural and Arts Centre

Panlong is a district of Shanghai, once a water town, old village of rice fields. The area is at the centre of a major redevelopment project that includes the construction, already completed, of the Panlong Tiandi Cultural and Arts Centre, art museum with a futuristic design conceived by the Scenic Architecture firm headed by the internationally renowned architect Zhu Xiaofeng.


Zintek® has been chosen for the roof of the art museum. The zintek® titanium zinc panels give the museum a unique light and futuristic layout while at the same time they respect the traditional architecture of the ancient villages around the rice fields. The use of zintek®  alongside glass and other materials creates a space which is fascinating, elegant, and never overpowering.


Zintek® was chosen for many reasons. These include the colour: a precise point of grey, neither too light or too dark, that was the exact shade between blue and green the architect wanted; moreover, the unique consistency of the material, its precise and recognisable texture guarantee purity of the lines and is easy to distinguish also from afar.


The neighbourhood development and reclamation project includes a central hub with the recovery of the old water town where stores, restaurants and bars will be built. Around this central hub there will be a ring formed by parks and green spaces for recreational activities such as sports, children’s playgrounds and also spaces for vegetable plots. Finally, around this green ring there will be a residential area with luxury homes and apartments.