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Zintek Srl is present on the national and international market as the sole Italian manufacturer of zintek® titanium zinc rolled products for architectural use and is part of the Cordifin Group, a holding that operates in the real estate, industrial and financial sectors. Zintek provides any solution related to the choice and application of the zintek® titanium-zinc rolled products and is a reference point for the construction of roofs, facades and sheet metal works suitable for any context, from the new building to the conservative restoration, up to the regeneration of disused buildings. The zintek® production plant, active in Porto Marghera since 1936 on an area of 8​ 6 thousand square meters, is a historical reference point in the Venetian, Italian and international metallurgy. Major works involving the use of zintek® include: the UniCredit Pavilion, Prysmian Headquarters THE COMPANY and San Luca Auxological Hospital in Milan; the Cittadella dell’Edilizia in Porto Marghera; the Alitalia headquarters inRome; conservative restorationworks: the Molino Stucky Hilton Hotel on the Giudecca Island in Venice; the Post Building in Trieste; the cupola of the Church of the Archangel Saint Michael in San Michele di Piave; requalification works in historical contexts: the headquarters of the Messaggero di Sant’Antonio in Padua; piers and kiosks in the historical center of Venice. Furthermore, the company has participated in internationally relevant projects, such as the requalification of Le Albere neighborhood in Trent, designed by Renzo Piano, and has continued its collaboration with the architect during the recent construction of a pediatric hospital inUganda for Emergency. Zintek has also broadened its horizon to include international markets, thanks to a line of innovative products offered via specific sales channels.


ARCHITECTURE OF MATTER: THE VALUE THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE ZINTEK®: ALSO IN COLOR Always attentive to the latest trends, Zintek is proud to present a in the world of architecture and design: six colors that emphasize the nature of titanium-zinc zintek®, while maintaining its properties intact. Mediterranean Blue, Lagoon Green, Antique Red, Natural Earth Brown, Rock Grey and Graphite Black: color meets material and becomes an actual architectural element. Choosing zintek® means choosing the visible and tangible pleasure of a material which is alive and long lasting, capable of maintaining its value intact over the course of the years. Zintek has launched on the market a line of colored rolled products obtained with a pigmentation coloring process that offers a wide range of possibilities for applications. The colors have been developed to highlight the aesthetic quality of zintek® rolled products, while maintaining its technical and functional characteristics intact. INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY The zintek® rolled products are ideal for architecture and interior design, and they give personality and originality to every project, in full harmony with the environment. VERSATILITY

The fascinating charm of the underwater world reproduced in a soft color tinged by striking venations, worthy of the king of the seas. MEDITERRANEAN BLUE

A tribute to the city of Venice and the changing colors of the waters overlooked by the bridges and palaces of the glorious Serenissima. LAGOON GREEN

The red that has always defined the image of “home”, from the walls that protect to the roof that covers. Same color, revolutionary performance. ANTIQUE RED

A tribute to the color of the earth, to the ground that sustains forests and cities. A fitting reminder of humanity’s responsibilities towards the well-being of the planet. NATURAL EARTH BROWN

ROCK GREY The traditional color of zintek®, the strong and elegant grey which covers the main buildings of every city and, just like rock, stands the test of time.

Graphite is a mineral that, like very few of others... leaves a mark. Each work is born with the stroke of a pencil, which follows the project from concept to reality. GRAPHITE BLACK

FIELDS OF APPLICATION FAÇADES SOLUTIONS A homogeneous and elegant skin ensuring protection. TINSMITHERY SYSTEMS No detail is left to chance with zintek® accessories. ROOFING SOLUTIONS zintek® adapts to any design, allowing architects to express their full creativity. Today, Zintek supplies any solution related to the choice and installation of the titanium zinc rolled products. A reference point for the construction of titanium-zinc covering solutions, façades and tinsmithery, the company has entered the internationalmarket with a line of innovative products. Its mission is to ensure the beauty, longevity and authenticity of buildings in every context, from new edifices to conservative restoration operations, up to the regeneration of constructions in disuse, thanks to the unique quality of its organization and of its product.

SECTORS OF USE CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE The rolled products can be subjected to pre-weathering procedures. RESTORATION WORKS A versatile material capable of natural integration in historical buildings. BUILDING REGENERATION A powerful ally when aiming to breathe new life into old and obsolete buildings. The increased commercialization and diffusion of titanium zinc rolled products in Europe and in the rest of the world can be explained within an ever more innovative architectonic scenario where the demand for new materials, capable of adapting to unprecedented forms, is constantly growing.

UNI EN 988 - COMPOSITION IN % MIN MAX Cu 0.080 1.000 Ti 0.060 0.200 Al — 0.015 Zn — — rest Z1-quality zinc UNI EN 988 - MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS Offset from proportionality unit load 0.20% Rp 0.2 N/mm2 min 100 Tensile strength Rm N/mm2 min 150 Elongation percentage after break A50mm % min 35 Sliding elongation percentage % max 0.1 Minimum hardness HV 45 MASS CALCULATIONS NOMINAL THICKNESS mm APPROXIMATE MASS Kg/m2 0.60 4.30 0.65 4.70 0.70 5.00 0.80 5.80 1.00 7.0 PHYSICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS Description MEASUREMENT UNIT Value Density Kg/dm3 7.14 Melting point °C 419 Specific heat at 20° C kJ/Kg °C 0.401 Thermal conductivity at 20° C W/m °K 109 Electrical conductivity at 20° C m/ohmmm2 17 Thermal expansion coefficient in parallel direction to the lamination mm/m °C 0.022 Thermal expansion coefficient in transversal direction to the lamination mm/m °C 0.017 Re-crystalization limit °C >300 Elasticity modulus N/mm2 >80,000 Erichsen value mm 07-09 Bend test at 180° 20° C in longitudinal direction n° 3 minimum Bend test at 180° 20° C in transversal direction n° 5 minimum Rigidity % 40-55 Non magnetic Non combustible TECHNICAL FILE OF ZINTEK® TITANIUM ZINC PRODUCTS

ZINTEK®: AN ITALIAN PRODUCT Zintek® is an alloy composed of zinc, copper and titanium, produced with high-quality 99.995% zinc, in full observance of European standard EN 1179, with the additionof alloyingelements. Thezintek® rolledproducts complies with European standard EN 988 “Zinc and Zinc alloys - Specifications for flat rolled products and for construction works.” The alloy components which improve the characteristics of zinc in the rolled products are titanium, which increases resistance to permanent deformation, and copper, which increases tensile strength. The combination of these two components reduces the alloy’s expansion coefficient. ZINC ZN COPPER TITANIUM CU TI MADE IN ITALY - MADE IN VENICE

Offers design-focused and technical consultancy, provides cost estimates and budgets, supplies informational material and manages the P.O.L. online estimate cost calculator service. SALES AREA Includes a direct sales channel for zintek® rolled products and accessories, offering cost estimate and post-sales support. COMPANY Zintek Srl, a Cordifin Group company, the sole Italian manufacturer of zintek® titanium zinc rolled products. Studies the best tools to increase the visibility of the product and company, through publications and attendance in fairs and events. Includesworkshops for development of theproduct and an International Academy for installers and architects that organizes meetings and specialization courses. In the case of major works, Zintek coordinates specialized companies to provide the full roofing package. PLANT Operational since 1936 in the Venetian industrial area, our plant covers an area of 86,000 sq. m., 48,000 of which are indoors. PRODUCTION The plant produces more than 100,000 tons of semi-processed zinc each year. MARKETING AREA TECHNICAL AREA TRAINING AREA GENERAL CONTRACTOR


ZINTEK, FOR ECOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE ZINTEK: AT YOUR SERVICE Ask for color samples Technical and installation assistance Request technical information on the rolled products Advice for your projects Information on upcoming conferences SAMPLES SUPPORT MATERIAL Information on scheduled courses TRAINING CONSULTING EVENTS In terms of eco-sustainability, Zintek complieswith all requirements set forth by laws concerning its product: responsible use of resources, assessment of the life cycle of products and materials, as well as their conformity on an European level; the company has also achieved certificates that testify to the extremely high quality of zintek® rolled products. Health, safety, environmental management, ethics: Zintek has chosen to certify its processes to ensure maximum reliability for its employees, partners and clients.


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