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Zintek for residential use

A villa on the sea, a perfect synthesis of landscape and modernity.

Near Genoa, a modern villa with zintek® roofing blends in perfectly with the landscape and nature.

Titanium-zinc zintek® is the protagonist not only in large architectural works, but also in the field of residential construction. In the urban area of Nervi, along the Ligurian coast, the roofs of a private villa built in a modern style, designed by architect Maurizio Varratta, are made of zintek®.

Instead of slate, which is widely used in the area, the choice of zinc ensures that the building blends in perfectly with the surrounding nature and buildings.

The advantages of a metal roof in zintek® in a traditional urban environment: insulation, amalgamation with building elements, aesthetic cleanliness.

A zintek® titanium-zinc roofing guarantees high performance insulation.
A fundamental role in the success of the project for the Genoese villa was played by the skillful use of stratification, the use of the ventilated roof, the flexibility of the material and its long-lasting characteristics.
The insertion of photovoltaic panels has not altered the aesthetics of the place: on the contrary, thanks to the zintek® seam, an amalgam of perfectly homogeneous elements has been created.

The “active” role of the public administration in the design of the building.

Nervi is a highly urbanized area near Genoa, along the coast of the Ligurian Sea. This is an area subject to numerous landscape constraints. In order to realize architect Varratta’s project, it was necessary to respect the stringent parameters imposed by the Municipality of Genoa, which played an active role, in synergy with the designer and the builder. The peculiar characteristics of appearance, ageing, elegance of titanium-zinc zintek®, and in particular its ability to model the building by fusing together all the elements, convinced the body of the quality of the project.

From the redevelopment of large spaces to residential: between the architect Varratta and Zintek a consolidated bond.

In addition to the Nervi project, Zintek has collaborated with the architect Maurizio Varratta participating in the construction of the Prysmian Headquarters, the headquarters of Prysmian Group born from the redevelopment of an entire industrial area in the Bicocca district of Milan, where he made all the roofing solutions.

For the Prysmian project, Zintek applied its know-how of efficiency and innovation while respecting nature and the surrounding environment, resulting in an award-winning eco-sustainable building.