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CE marking indicates that a product conforms to the harmonized EU standard and can therefore circulate freely within the Single European Market. CE marking is a mandatory responsibility for construction product manufacturers: by applying the CE marking on its products, a manufacturer declares their conformity to all provisions set forth by harmonized European laws, in terms of both performance and safety.

The EC certification is a mandatory requisite based on a self-certification by the manufacturer: by applying the EC marking on its products, it declares their compliance with all regulations set by corresponding laws.

After the issuing of the new regulation 305/2011 in 2011, the EC marking no longer only indicates the compliance of the product with a specific technique, but its conformity with a harmonized process* through which it is possible to evaluate, certify – via calculation procedures and production controls – and guarantee the performance of the product.

EC marking must therefore be accompanied by a performance declaration, including information on the product, on the system used to evaluate its performance, on the laws which regulate its use, on foreseen uses, etc.

The performance declaration is a separate document from the product label, and accompanies it at all times, in paper or electronic format (it can also be featured on the website of the manufacturer, according to modalities established by the European Commission).

The performance declaration is compiled by the manufacturer, who therefore takes on full responsibility for the product’s compliance with laws that regard it.

The responsibility of applying the EC marking on products and to check their compliance is always the manufacturer’s.

* By harmonized process, or “new approach”, we intend the current standardization process that aims to uniform certification systems for certifying products in use in the various European countries. This aims to remove all barriers from the free circulation of products in the European Single Market.

EC marked zintek® products

Description Standard CE label DOP type Technical specifications
Natural zintek® in slabs
UNI EN 14783
Natural zintek® in slabs
UNI EN 14783
Shaped natural zintek® rolled products
UNI EN 14783
Natural zintek® tinsmithery accessories
UNI EN 14783
Natural rolled zintek®
UNI EN 14783
Natural perforated zintek®
UNI EN 14783
Pre-weathered zintek® in slabs
UNI EN 14783
Pre-weathered zintek® in coils
UNI EN 14783
Shaped pre-weathered zintek® rolled products
UNI EN 14783
Pre-weathered zintek® tinsmithery accessories
UNI EN 14783
Pre-weathered rolled zintek®
UNI EN 14783
Pre-weathered perforated zintek®
UNI EN 14783
zintek® The Color Line in slabs
UNI EN 14783
zintek® The Color Line in coils
UNI EN 14783
zintek® Shaped The Color Line rolled products
UNI EN 14783
zintek® The Color Line tinsmithery accessories
UNI EN 14783
zintek® The Color Line rolled
UNI EN 14783
zintek® The Color Line perforated
UNI EN 14783
System Certifications:

FSC® Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council® is active all over the globe in promoting management of forests that is respectful of the environment, socially useful and economically sustainable.