Our offices will be closed 4th to 27th of August


The new digital project:

Pursuing the goal of creating an ongoing and synergetic dialogue with our interlocutors, while remaining faithful to our mission, we have chosen to invest in a new global digital project centered around our new website, that in turn operates in parallel with the company’s social media channels.

A professional tool for architects, designers, installation technicians, distributors and operators on the market.

Every professional can find resources and useful information for his/her work in the new website www.zintek.it. This is more than a simple portal: we are speaking of an actual operational tool.

As part of a wider plan traced by our company, starting from 2020 participation in our network will mean entering a vast project through which Zintek will be offering an exciting series of initiatives:


We will present a new and modern edition of our Development in Architecture manual, featuring not only revised traditional solutions, but also a series of new elements, sometimes more simple, sometimes faster and more convenient from an economic standpoint, sometimes truly innovative, yet without ever affecting the value of the installation of our rolled products.

The international manual, available in multiple languages, was conceived and structured as a new design frontier, the result of expertise gained by the company in the many countries in works in.

The codified pages in the paper version allow the reader to access the web platform directly. Here, the downloads area features a wide variety of detailed construction specifications and many solutions that can potentially be applied in any project.


Zintek, well-known for its high-standard training courses that offer participants an opportunity to enjoy precious in-depth analyses, is taking on the responsibility of opening a new high-profile Academy.

The goal is to valorise the professional level of tinsmiths by offering new growth opportunities that can represent a guarantee for the future.

Zintek has chosen to invest in high level training methods for the purpose of keeping the installation technician as the central pivot for the world of construction works and architecture.


True to our tradition, we will continue to organize appointments with professionals and operators of the sector, developing meetings with the general public.

Furthermore, we will be adding new meeting opportunities in our international showrooms, special showcases sometimes also developed in partnership with other global producers belonging to the metal-working sector.


We will continue our internationalization process, with the aim of entering foreign markets that express appreciation for our offers and our business model.

We are opening up to the world and connecting with new partners to give birth to excellence in our sector.


Each month, we will publish editorials about building envelopes and, more in general, about a new way of conceiving architecture.

These appointments will include technical analyses and application solutions professionals can use in their work.

We will also continue to publish volumes dedicated to the latest projects we develop alongside the greatest architects in the world.