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Tinsmithery school

The company has created a one-of-a-kind Tinsmithery school, to form specialized technicians capable of installing zintek® rolled products.

The difference is in the contents

The company organizes a series of training opportunities, in light of the teamwork that links Zintek and installation technicians:

Each course combines theory and practice, with lab sessions held in the Tinsmithery school, and each participant can access various contents: technical, to learn new application techniques and refresh knowledge of legal frameworks; professional, to acquire resources that increase the value of their firm; commercial, to enter the market with an enhanced quality level.

Operational tools

In view of future applications – involving zintek® roofing solutions, façade cladding and tinsmithery systems, roofing substructures and correspondent requirements, wind loads for roofing solutions and façade cladding, zintek® connections for roofs and walls and protection systems against snow and ice – each participant will receive a series of operational tools during the courses.

These include seam tracing tools with designs and folding samples in double seam systems, and designs for points of detail for the cladding area, from the eaves to the ridge: these documents are also extremely useful for expert technicians handling this craftsmanship technique for the first time.

Each participant also receives a password to access all levels of the P.O.L., the exclusive online cost estimate software allowing to obtain customized cost estimates and to calculate the time frames and costs of a project in detail, with the correspondent technical specification documentation for zintek® roofing solutions and façades.

Zintek P.O.L. Software

Users will need to log in to access the cost estimate area.

The value of certification

After completing each of the three courses, participants become certified Zintek installation technicians. In other words, they receive a sort of “license” testifying the high quality level of the work they can provide, now more required than ever in the construction and architecture sectors.

Thanks to this Zintek certification, the installation technician becomes part of a selected and prestigious group of professionals; this will make them more competitive and capable of finding jobs, as they can offer firms reliable and qualified work as a figure capable of offering the complete level of service all architects hope to find in the worksites of their projects. 

Furthermore, each participant can actively collaborate with the parent company to find new assignments, thus enriching the team with their know-how.

The Tinsmithery School:

the trait d'union between design and construction

A constructive synergy

Gigantic roofing solutions that curve under the sun, inserts that bind with ancient materials, boldly designed or rigorously geometrical cupolas, shells covering buildings like a sort of second skin: these are merely a few of the infinite possible applications of zintek®, an increasingly celebrated material in contemporary architecture.

The training challenge

Being the final link in the chain for the construction of an architectonic work, the installation technician’s task is that of turning ideas into reality by processing materials, bending them to match design requirements, inclinations and shapes.

This is why professionals of the sector must be aware of every secret, possess specific technical know-how and keep their knowledge constantly up-to-date, in an ongoing formation that is simultaneously a need and a challenge to strengthen their professional levels.

This is an intense and demanding process, during which professionals can count on precious allies such as Zintek.

The secret of a winning team

Unity is the key to victory: this is why being part of a team is important, even in the construction and architectural sectors.

In the team set up by Zintek, designers and installation technicians have indispensable roles and offer fundamental contributions:

  1. Zintek provides rolled products with acknowledged quality levels and a full service, a bond between these two categories, thanks to its technical office and technical worksite support services;
  2. designers create the idea;
  3. companies choose to pursue it;
  4. installation technicians apply it.

Each component shares responsibility for the final success, and what improves one member of a team improves the team as a whole: this is why each component commits to always invest in quality. 

In the case of an installation technician, improving quality means dedicating time and energies to staying informed, up-to-date and competitive, making the most of the opportunities the sector has to offer.

Identifying such opportunities is not always an easy task: there is an abundance of meetings and conferences with no actual contents, and some costly certifications can end up being worthless pieces of paper.

The training opportunities Zintek shares with installation technicians thanks to its Tinsmithery school are truly effective and offer tangible benefits: unique, concrete and above all marketable expertise. 

For a technician, choosing to complete the training offered by Zintek means becoming a certified Zintek installation technician: this can help them find more jobs thanks to newly acquired professional skills, increased know-how and the possibility of building a dialogue and forms of collaboration with the parent company, which may lead to the landing of important assignments.

At the same time, the certification guarantees that companies and architects can rely on qualified partners, and that Zintek can count on its product being installed correctly.

This is how the whole team benefits from the growth of one of its members, and can ultimately overcome the competition. 

Courses for tinsmiths and worksite technicians

The school organizes courses on three levels addressing the construction of roofing solutions, façades and tinsmithery works; theoretical lessons are complemented by lab activities, including the development of prototypes and mock-ups.

After completing the course, participants will receive the qualified Zintek technician certification and become part of the professional network of the company.


The courses take place in the Tinsmithery school

in the Zintek headquarters
in via delle Industrie 22
30175 Porto Marghera, Venice.

For further information and to sign up for upcoming courses: