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Values preserved over time

matter becomes architecture with Zintek

Zintek, a company based in Porto Marghera, Venice, producing and marketing rolled zintek® titanium zinc products, has founded its strength on the concept of Italian manufacturing culture in the wider sense of the term, intended as a 360 degree cultural project.


Over the years, the company has transformed its industrial rolled products into a product for the architectural sector, giving birth to a series of services that make it the ideal partner for any application solution.

These elements have allowed Zintek to achieve a highly relevant status in the field of building envelopes, both in Italy and around the globe.

Zintek’s history begins in 1936 in Porto Marghera, with the creation of a zinc refinery and production plant. Over the next few years, the structure was expended to include cutting edge labs for analyzing and testing new products. Thanks to its intensive research activities, the plant soon became one of the main reference points of the non-ferrous metal-working sector in the Venetian industrial hub.


Over the years, Zintek has undertaken a path dedicated to constant growth, one that has led it to transform from an industrial rolled products manufacturer into a partner: the company now offers a direct sales channel for its rolled products and complementary accessories, and provides consultancy, support and full elaborations of detailed construction projects, acting as guarantor during each executive stage, from delivery of the material up to its actual installation.

Over the past two years, the company has launched an internationalization project involving the opening of showrooms and a series of technical and commercial partnerships with distributors and building enterprises in countries and continents outside the traditional European market, such as China, Korea, Oceania and the United States. Similarly to its approach towards internal organization, in opening up to the worldwide market Zintek offers not only a product of the highest standard, but a profoundly virtuous structure, which proves to be exportable and reproducible in a wide range of contexts.


Today Zintek is the Italian reference point for the production of rolled products in titanium zinc, a high quality alloy in which copper and titanium improve the performance levels of the zinc.

These products have many qualities and can be applied in multiple modern architectural contexts. zintek® is natural, eco-friendly, totally recyclable and improves over time, is maintenance-free, does not stain or damage surrounding materials, can be adapted to any shape or surface and maintains the value of buildings unaltered over time.

Over the course of the years, all the characteristics listed above have led the company to participate in the construction of projects designed by archi-stars such as Renzo Piano, Michele De Lucchi and Matteo Thun, and to celebrate its first presence in the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2018, when it collaborated in the project for the Pavilion of the Holy See, involving the construction of a votive chapel designed by Australian architect Sean Godsell.

In the context of our corporate growth and of the new communications model we have chosen to implement, we have chosen to shake up our look and create a new Company Profile.

We are speaking of a great little monograph narrating the history of the Company in detail and highlighting its values, which have been preserved unaltered over time.