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Tall Buildings

Skyscrapers age just like any other architectonic construction, and require renovation interventions that may verge on the radical. This was the topic addressed during the eighth international conference dedicated to “Tall Buildings”, held in Milan on June 20th 2018, in the UniCredit tower.

The occasion was organized by the Council on tall building and urban habitat (CTBUH), the Milan Polytechnic and the IUAV University of Venice, with the goal of analyzing the future of vertical constructions, without forgetting their present and their past.

As highlighted by CTBUH research manager Dario Trabucco, approximately one thousand skyscrapers are now exceeding the 40 year threshold after which they face physical and functional obsolescence. Coordinated by professor Aldo Norsa, internationally renowned speakers (including the Vice Director of the Milan Polytechnic Emilio Faroldi, the Milan Urban Development Councillor Pierfrancesco Maran, the founder of the Tchoban Voss Architekten studio Sergei Tchoban and Michael Wurzel from Foster + Partners) examined possibilities and issues relating to requalification and reconstruction operations, highlighting how current urban development cannot ignore safety and ecological sustainability issues.

Zintek – the Venetian company producing rolled titanium zinc products for architectural use, and involved in the construction of the UniCredit Pavilion in piazza Gae Aulenti, among many other projects – was one of the sponsors of the event, which focused on the future of our cities and the well-being of their inhabitants.