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Cittadella dell’Edilizia – Porto Marghera

The new Cittadella dell’Edilizia was inaugurated in Porto Marghera on November 15th.

The structure, the result of the recovery of two old buildings located along the so-called Banchina dell’azoto, will become the headquarters of the three bilateral activities of ANCE VeniceF.I.L.C.A. C.I.S.L.F.I.L.L.E.A. C.G.I.L.Fe.N.E.A.L. U.I.L.: the Joint Territorial Committee, the Workers Training Centre and the Social Security Fund. As highlighted in his speech by the President of ANCE Venice and ERPA Ugo Cavallin, this is an important landmark for the area, representing Venetian building firms’ concrete commitment to invest in high-quality projects, dedicating particular attention to sustainability, to the requalification of constructions and to the choice of zero-kilometre materials.

These concepts were further underlined by the architect Giovanni Caprioglio, who described the architectonic choices behind the construction, as well as the selection of local materials such as zintek®, which is produced just a few steps away from the Cittadella, in the Zintek production plant. The Venetian company lent its brand to the project not only by supplying the rolled products used for the cladding, but also by offering construction design services and technical-applicative consultancy for the development of the entire building envelope.