titanium zinc cladding

From zinc to zintek®: a titanium zinc cladding material

Zintek is the all Italian company which produce the zinc-titanium laminate zintek® for architetcture.
In its plant located in Porto Marghera-Venice, active since 1936, the company boasts a
unique production chain which goes from the melting of the zinc and its casting up to the production, commercialization and application of zintek®.
Nowadays the company, which belongs to the Cordifin Group, is the main Italian reference point for the
construction of zinc covering solutions, façades and tinsmitery in zinc-titanium zintek®, perfect for any context.
To its customers Zintek offers a high quality product, specialized
professionalism and skills from designing to application, in order to make the best use of the qualities of zintek® and guarantee the aesthetic pleasantness, long lifespan and authenticity of buildings and zinc cladding, with maximum attention to their sustainability.