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Prysmian Group Headquarters with zintek® zinc panel cladding

Prysmian Group Headquarters

The integration into one of the largest urban renewal interventions that has taken place of the past twenty years, without betraying the industrial history of the area, while establishing also a new, ambitious standard for the future: this is the challenge that Prysmian, the world leader in the telecom cable and energy systems sector has set itself, from the moment in which it decided that its new headquarters would have been built in the Bicocca district of Milan, in the area formerly occupied by the Pirelli plants. It is not just any other building, but a real and proper state-of-the-art architectural project, capable of combining brightness and automation, vitality and transparency, while fully respecting not only economic and structural feasibility, but also that of an ecological nature.

Thanks to the vision of architect Maurizio Varratta, who has succeeded in interpreting the company needs, by adapting them to those of the local territory, the new Prysmian Group headquarters are a model representing an industry that puts the value of human wellness at the heart of its own evolution. The pre-existing buildings, constructed in 2001, were re-adapted in order to achieve this objective, by eliminating any aesthetic weaknesses, adapting the structure to fulfill several user needs and modern energy requirements. Therefore, it was decided upon to create a complex consisting of four wings, interspersed with two large “bioclimatic greenhouses” fitted with large windows. The technical implementation of the project was entrusted to Italiana Costruzioni.

All the buildings, including the one that hosts the CEO’s office, are spacious, bright open space areas, as well as the Nordic-inspired auditorium, also transparent, benefits from sound-absorbing panels that make it possible to control the acoustic response. The several solar panels are enough to provide a self-sufficient supply of clean energy, while the greenhouse-buildings positioned between the offices give the personnel the opportunity to work or relax themselves while encircled by plants cultivated hydroponically. The green area surrounding the headquarter facilities has also been extended, with the aim of shielding it from the sun, counteracting urban pollution and improving the sensation of perceived wellness. It is not a surprise therefore that the new Prysmian headquarters has achieved the prestigious LEED Platinum certification and that it aims to reproduce the virtuous model in its other locations worldwide.

Innovation, respect for the environment, the need to help the re-development of the industrial urban areas: it is based on these values that Zintek, together with Prysmian, has chosen to accept the challenge of developing such an ambitious project. Above all, this is a challenge that arrives in a historic moment for the company, that, after having participated in other urban redevelopment projects – first and foremost in Porto Marghera –, it started to look beyond Italian borders in a more consistent way.

The zintek® zinc panel cladding, capable of combining aesthetic and functional performance, has shown to be the best choice for roof covering and partial façade solutions. Thanks to its technical characteristics and impeccable yield, zintek® has given coverings the appearance of a regular, homogeneous mantle; moreover, the laminate has also been used for the refurbishment of east and west-facing facades, installed in slats with a regular pitch and fastened to a suitable substructure. In both cases, the covering stresses the need for a ventilated, layered structure, that contributes to regulated in the internal humidity rate of the environments, improving perceived wellbeing and to rationalise energy resources. Moreover, the versatility of zintek® zinc panel cladding has made it suitable to achieve high-quality finishes, covering decorative outdoor elements as well as details of interior design – such as the totems onto which indications and directions are affixed – and to develop the elegant perforated ceilings on the suspended corridors that connect the single wings of the headquarters together.

Upon completion of the work, Zintek can be proud to have implemented its expertise in the project regarding the new Prysmian headquarters, intended to endure over time and to lay down a new contemporary standard.

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