Company Profile

Zintek company profile

Zintek Srl is a single-member company owned by Simar SpA which manages the technical, commercial and training-related aspects of the distribution and building applications of the zintek® laminate, and operates as a general contractor for major construction works.

Zintek Srl offers its own technical office for consultancies concerning design and technical solutions for the application of zintek®; construction site assistance; direct or online sales; tinsmithery accessories and complementary accessories in zintek®; tinsmithery school.

Cordifin Group

Cordifin Group profile

The Cordifin Group is a holding company operating in the industrial, real estate and financial sectors. The industrial compartment can boast a processing chain for the recovery, treatment and production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Holywood – Vatican Chapels

Holy See Pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennale – Vatican Chapels.

The Colored Ones

Zintek launches on the market a line of colored laminates obtained with a pigment coloring process that offers a wide range of possibilities for applications.
Mediterranean Blue, Lagoon Green, Antique Red, Natural Earth Brown, Rock Grey and Graphite Black: color meets material and becomes an actual architectural element.

Development in Architecture - Pocket Version

architectural zinc roofing

The Development in Architecture manual in its pocket version, ideal for consultation on building sites and in workshops. Now in its third edition, it features new technical contents and explanatory tables. An indispensable support during the zinc roofing and cladding construction phase, for all professionals working in the field of commercial metal roofing and cladding projects.

Format 10 x 15 cm 

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Supply and installation specifications manual - Extract

UniCredit Pavilion

A precious bound volume, in large format, presenting the project behind the UniCredit Pavilion in Milan, built on the basis of a design by Michele De Lucchi and the studio aMDL Arch. Michele De Lucchi Srl.

The technical part is particularly accurate and focuses on the zinc roofing and covering solutions, with technical drawings and construction details. The volume is completed by a section dedicated to the history of Zintek Srl.

Format: 23,5 x 23,5 cm, 193 pages

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