zintek® in architecture

zintek® zinc laminate in architecture

zintek® zinc laminate in the construction sector

The use of zinc laminate in the construction sector has a long-standing tradition, which has made it the most used non-ferrous covering and cladding material in Europe. 

The zintek® zinc-titanium laminate is a top-range product in terms of:

• respect for the environment;

• cost effectiveness, compared to non-ferrous metals used in similar applications;

• low maintenance needs;

• extremely long-lasting lifespan;

• pleasant aesthetic appearance. 

The chemical and physical characteristics of the product ensure excellent workability and weldability. Resistance to atmospheric corrosion allows for lower maintenance and restoration costs.

Applications in architecture

The increasing commercialization and diffusion of zinc-titanium laminates in Europe and the rest of the world can only be explained within an ever more innovative architectonic context, where there is a growing demand for new materials, capable of adapting to unprecedented shapes.

In Italy, the architectonic scenario has always been bound to past tradition, where historical centres and monuments represent normality rather than the exception. New buildings must always share the urban space with monumental and historic constructions.


zintek® has a slate-grey tone which gives architecture an elegant and formally clean look, capable of dialoguing with architecture and allowing for the realization of avant-garde shapes. At the same time, when applied on covering solutions and façades, the material is capable of speaking the ancient language of tradition, harmonically blending in when used in historical centres.

Theatres, shopping centres, religious buildings, sports structures, residential buildings and centres: zintek® has been used for extremely different realities, in the heart of urban textures or the wide spaces of the peripheries, surrounded by historical constructions or by the green of the countryside. In each case, the material has helped harmonize the whole design and the building with the surrounding environment.


The high malleability and workability levels of zintek® allow not only for its perfect adherence to any architectonic profile, be it classic or modern, but are also ideal for a multitude of installation techniques, for different application solutions.

Double seaming, angular seaming, rhythmic profile patterns, slats and shingles create original geometries which valorise the architecture of the building.

The different application methods for zintek® are an integral part of the product itself: the installation performed by qualified technicians is an aspect which makes this industrial laminate a craftsmanship product, given that it ensures the uniqueness of the building precisely thanks to the manual work of the installation technicians.

The designer is therefore free to articulate or disarticulate volumes, using a single material: he/she can underline a detail or harmonize a group of details simply by valorising the surface of coverings and façades, and making use of the different joining techniques.

Harmonizing element

The different installation techniques for zintek®, and therefore its different aesthetic effects, make it possible to accompany the laminate with materials such as glass, marble, wood, steel, and zintek® works as a harmonizing element between these materials.

Marble becomes the harmonic counterpoint for the slate-grey of the laminate, the union between glass and zintek® highlights the technological function of the buildings just as, in residential buildings, stone façades become the natural extension of the covering solutions.

The possibility to combine zintek® with any material is not merely a formal sign, but a design act made possible by the intrinsic characteristics of the laminate, which make it stable over the course of time.

Quality and technique

zintek® is an alloy composed of zinc with a minimum content value of 98,78 and a maximum of 99,86. Copper and titanium are used to improve its mechanical properties.

Copper increases its tensile strength, while titanium improves its resistance, and the combination of the two decreases the alloy’s expansion coefficient.

Furthermore, zintek® does not damage surrounding materials with the formation of stains on the surface, typically to be found on façades and gutter lines, thanks to the fact that when it is exposed to rainfalls, it leaves no traces whatsoever.

In contact with water, zintek® generates a basic surface layer of highly stable zinc carbonate, which guarantees its high resistance against corrosion; once installed, it therefore needs no further maintenance or particular protective treatments, and preserves the building unaltered over the course of time. The chromaticism and surface appearance remain unchanged, in full respect of the designer’s project and of the building’s aesthetic appearance. 

zintek® is therefore a choice that can significantly cut costs for an architectonic project, and thanks to its chromatic constancy, it satisfies the requirements of the Soprintendenze alla Conservazione dei beni architettonici e culturali.

Respect for the environment

Zinc guarantees not only the stability of the product, but also allows zintek® to enjoy maximum compatibility with the environment.

Used in façades and tinsmithery, it allows to recover rain water for sprinkling plants and gardens.

zintek® is fully recyclable and perfectly compatible with current laws on respect for the environment and environmental impact.

zintek® is an excellent choice also for complying with energy-related laws: the laminate is installed in combination with a ventilation package, a system which allows for the natural transpiration of buildings, decreasing humidity and heat loss. The absence of humidity and good ventilation produce healthier environments and allow for energy savings both in wintertime and during the summer.