Technical area

Technical division

The Zintek Srl Technical Division was created to give birth to the zintek® solution, joining the laminate and knowledge into one, in order to deliver what we promise and serve the rest of the production chain with maximum efficiency, at highly competitive costs.

Technical office

Available to designers, companies and installation technicians, the office relies on the expertise of architects, designers and building site technicians, with whom it is possible to interact to reach the best application solutions for various types of projects, such as zinc façade, cladding and roof covering. The office can offer design and technical consultancy, and collaborates in the definition of estimate prices and cost budgets. Furthermore, it distributes all the information materials prepared by the company over time, from specifications to flyers, to installation manuals.

Specifications and manuals
These are specifications and product sheets for designers and installers, already fully compiled and customizable on the basis of different needs.
With its 70 years of experience in the processing of zinc façade, cladding and roofing, the company has created the manual Development in architecture which, with its efficacious communication style, breadth of information and content quality levels makes it possible to install the material in total safety and ease. To meet different needs within a single project, two versions have been created: an encyclopaedic one and a pocket-size version, suitable for consultation in a workshop or on a building site.