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Zintek and the “Task Force Cina”

In the presence of the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Economic Development Michele Geraci, the Governor of the Minhang District Ni Yaoming, of representatives of the Foreing Affair Office from the same District, of representatives of Italian institutions in Shanghai, as Commercial Consul of Italian General Consulate in Shanghai Ludovica Murazzani and Vice-president of China-Italy Chamber of Commerce Valtero Canepa, and of the Sole Director of Zintek Srl Gianni Schiavon, the inauguration ceremony of the new showroom dedicated to Zintek was held on 1st September in Shanghai.


The company's first exhibition space on Chinese territory – 300 square metres, entirely projected and designed in Italy – tells the story of the company through its products and its main architectural projects.

Particularly significant was the introductory speech by Professor Geraci who, on behalf of the Italian Government, presented Zintek as one of the industrial excellences of our country, thus fully involving the Venetian society in the "Task Force Cina" which in recent days is defining its structure. A very wide-ranging project, the “Task Force Cina” is in fact "an operative mechanism of work, cooperation and dialogue between Government, trade associations and civil society, aimed at developing a new national system strategy with the purpose of strengthening economic relations and trade with China" (source: MISE – Ministry of Economic Development).


In particular, the presence of Zintek in China is part of the stated objective of the Task Force to promote the “Made in Italy” brand in what has become the world's leading market in terms of imports and domestic demand, and responds to the invitation expressed in its speech by the Governor of Minhang district for large companies and SMEs to expand their activities in China.


In the year that sees the beginning of its internationalization plan, with the expansion on new European and extra-European markets, Zintek therefore brings to China its double soul: the architectural one, which has made its product, zintek® zinc-titanium laminate, a fundamental part of prestigious projects such as "Vatican Chapels", the first participation of the Holy See at the Venice Architecture Biennale, and the new Emergency hospital in Uganda, designed by architect Renzo Piano. The other soul, equally important, is the commercial one: from January 2018 Zintek is in fact the only commercial referent for all the laminates produced by Cordifin Group, and its export activity goes from one continent to another, from Germany to The Netherlands (a showroom was opened in Amsterdam in recent months), from Turkey to South Korea.


Thanks to the collaboration with prestigious Chinese partners and the support of Italian institutions in China, with which Zintek has had the opportunity to interact and who gave their indispensable support in approaching an economic and cultural reality so different – and at the same time so fascinating and full of prospects for the future –, Zintek therefore enters the Chinese market as a partner for valuable architecture, proposing not only a product of the highest quality, but also the strength of a serious business project, supported by the financial group which it belongs.


The showroom in Shanghai represents for the company only the first stage of a path that will combine the participation in architectural projects in China with active collaboration with Asian partners, to whom Zintek will provide technical assistance and consulting, support materials and training for local workers, in a program of commercial and cultural exchange that responds fully to the political and economic strategy of our Government.


The mutual commitment between Zintek and the Chinese partners was sealed during the event, as well as by the traditional ribbon cutting, also with the "wine ceremony", a ritual dating back to 600 BC with which it seems the knowledge and talent of the great sages of the time were celebrated, and which is now re-proposed as a wish for fruitful collaborations. The celebration ended with an exchange of gifts.

The Shanghai showroom is another flagship for Zintek, testimony of a path taken up to date with solidity and competence, and is a new step on an international journey that looks exciting.