The production chain

Zintek is a unique company on the Italian metallurgy scenario: it is inserted in a complete production chain which goes from the processing of the raw material to the realization of the finished product, and continues with building site assistance and the installation of the laminate for metal roofing and cladding.

The zintek® production plant in Porto Marghera-Venice – the only Italian producer of zinc-titanium laminate for zinc metal roofing and cladding – is located in the industrial centre which extends on the shores of the lagoon, and occupies an 86 thousand square meter surface, of which 48 thousand are indoors, with a production of over 100 thousand tons of semi-finished zinc products per year.

From raw material to the semi-finished product

The transformation process from zinc to zinc-titanium laminate starts with the melting of the zinc in the induction electric furnaces, where it is alloyed with copper and titanium and then channelled to the continuous casting plant, from which the semi-finished product emerges.

From the semi-finished product to the zintek® laminate

Following the semi-finished product stage, after undergoing specific heat treatment processes, the product enters the rolling mills downstream, and from there, after being stretched out, it enters the cutting lines where it is prepared for storage and shipment.
All castings are identified, sampled and undergo chemical, mechanical and technological lab tests. Only after accurate analyses is the product certified and placed on the market, in compliance with the EN 988 standard. 

From industrial laminate producer to company at the service of architecture

Thanks to ongoing investments in terms of plants and product, and to the Cordifin Group’s ability to interpret the needs of the market and of contemporary architecture, a verticalization process has taken place which has allowed the company to go from the production of an industrial laminate to offering project consultancy, assistance and training. Only very few realities are able to offer such a complete production chain and such specific skills.

Zintek is now a strongly innovative company with a solid tradition: the zintek® production plant, active since 1936, is a historical reference point for Venetian, Italian and international metallurgy.

zintek® | A made in Venice product. A made in Italy product.