Safety policy

Health and Safety Policy

Zintek srl bases its activity on ethical principles and promotes the values of quality of life in respect for the environment and mankind. 
Zintek srl has therefore decided to implement a management system for the safety and health of workers, compliant with standard OHSAS 18001:2007; in this context, the company intends to aim for continuous improvement, involving all levels of responsibility within its structure. 

The Company promotes every action towards making sure that its servicing operations do not present significant risks for the health and safety of the human resources in the workplace.

Therefore Zintek srl, in the context of this policy and in committing to its formal pursuit, declares that it commits:
- To operate in compliance with laws, regulations and directives (national and community-level) and company policies, including all requisites undersigned by the company with the interested parties; 

- To disclose the present document concerning safety to all workers and all interested parties; 

- To activate adequate communication channels, internally and externally, and in particular with interested parties; 

- To introduce and update management and monitoring procedures for constant checking of the safety of the staff and for interventions to be carried out should non-compliant situations, anomalies or emergencies be found; 

- To develop programs, goals and objectives for their fulfilment; to make available prepared, efficient and sufficiently staffed human resources, as well as adequate material resources; 

- To improve the training and information activities for all operators, making them aware of their individual tasks, of the importance of each of their actions for the achieving of the expected goals and of their responsibility in terms of safety; 
- To favour and strive to implement methodologies, interventions and alignments aimed at decreasing injuries and professional illnesses; 

- To identify the hazards deriving from work-related actions and carry out preliminary assessments of risks for the staff for current operations and for every new operation and/or process, in order to implement solutions capable of preventing injuries, professional illnesses and in any case to minimize, as much as technically possible, the occurring and extension of such events; 

- To sensitize suppliers and interested parties with regards to complying with policies, laws and duties in terms of health and safety in the workplace;

- To periodically carry out a re-examination of the health and safety in the workplace policy and management system and ensure their congruence, adequacy, efficacy and appropriateness with regards to the organization, for the purpose of defining continuous improvement goals; 

- To analyse and monitor the N.C.;

- To periodically carry out a re-examination of the risk assessment, for the purpose of verifying its congruence with the company operations.

For the implementation of the principles listed in this document, a Representative of the Direction is nominated for the health and safety management system, who will have the role, responsibility and defined authority to: 

- Ensure that the requisites for the safety management system have been established, applied, maintained in compliance with legal requisites; 

- Report to Direction on the performance and efficiency of the safety management system, for the purpose of re-examining and improving it;

- Manage the monitoring and checks concerning the health and safety management system.