Our mission is to ensure buildings enjoy aesthetic beauty, a long-lasting lifespan and authenticity, thanks to our unique organizational quality. 

Beauty: the zintek® laminate for titanium zinc roofing and cladding is the ideal answer to modern architectural needs, which have focused for many years on easy-to-process materials and unique tools to shape façades and covering solutions that bend, curve and are modelled to follow often bold concave and convex lines, far from the classic rules of orthogonality.

Long-lasting lifespan: the extremely high overall profile of titanium zinc roofing and cladding made with zintek®, guaranteed from the design phase to the actual installation, ensures their exceptional longevity and resistance against external aggressions, for maintenance-free façades and tinsmithery. 

Authenticity: zintek® is the only fully Italian titanium-zinc laminate for architecture, produced in the Porto Marghera plant, active since 1936. It was born from a strong relationship with the area, where the company has always been an important producer, and then expanded out of the local borders, with nationally and internationally relevant projects.  

Organizational quality:
with its solid experience in the sector, and a long list of modern and restoration projects, our company is an efficient and specialized organization. 
We build collaboration relationships both internally and externally, aim to create tangible value for our partners and promote our philosophy with particular attention to communications.