Code of ethics

Code of ethics

Zintek srl is committed to moral values such as observance of the law, respect for workers and fair competition. On the basis of these choices, Zintek srl pursues the respect of values of democracy, equality, equity and solidarity and is bound to the observance of this code of ethics in all its actions, both internal and addressing the external world. This leads the company to manufacture a top quality metal roof cladding material and provide a high-level service.

Failure to comply with these principles is not compatible with the company activities, on any level.

A natural complement to this code is the reciprocal respect of assigned roles, leading to collaboration between subjects, characterized by urbane manners and language that conforms to a well-educated attitude, which must be used both inside the company structure and when addressing the external world.

This document is the basis for the conduct of all subjects who contribute to the activities performed by Zintek srl.

- Trust: Zintek srl cannot be successful without reciprocal trust between all the subjects which lend their contribution on a daily basis, even in the presence of partially conflicting interests. Trust is based on the sharing of the company mission, on everyone’s respect for the values and rules set by these principles.

- Human resources: the valorisation of human resources, respect for their autonomy, the incentive based on their participation in company decisions, all constitute fundamental principles for the Zintek srl managers, who will prepare updating and training programs aimed at making best use of specific professional skills and to conserve and grow skills gained over the course of the collaboration.

- Morality: Zintek srl must ensure that its representatives and collaborators are aware of the ethical significance of their actions, do not pursue personal or corporate gains to the detriment of compliance with current laws and with the rules listed in this code. In particular, the company must avoid illicit benefits being assigned to Customers and Suppliers. Zintek srl must ensure that its representatives and collaborators do not operate in situations in which they are the holders – themselves or in the name of third parties – of stakes which conflict with those of their contractual counterparts.

- Transparency: Zintek srl must ensure that its representatives and collaborators allow the image of the company to transpire with clarity, correctness and diligence in the course all relations and that they facilitate its comprehensibility. For this purpose, the aim is to provide the most complete and transparent information possible concerning the company operational guidelines.

- Confidentiality: Zintek srl must ensure that its representatives and collaborators protect the confidentiality of the personal data contained in its databases and personal archives, and must also ensure that all current privacy laws are fully observed. The treatment of data collected with specific company modules will be aimed exclusively at allowing Zintek srl to achieve goals related to the exercise of its activities.

- Impartiality: Zintek srl must ensure that its representatives and collaborators operate by taking into consideration concrete circumstances, without discriminatory or opportunistic behaviour. Zintek srl commits to never promote discrimination based on race, religion, gender, political opinions or physical handicaps.

- Safety and health in the workplace: Zintek srl must ensure that its representatives and collaborators implement all safety measures required by technological evolution, and operates to guarantee the physical integrity and moral well-being of employees.