Production capacity

The manufacturer

Zintek Srl is a single-member company of Simar Spa, the manufacturer of zintek® and in turn part of the Cordifin Group, a holding which operates in the industrial, real estate and financial sectors.

The production plant in Porto Marghera (Venice) is located in the industrial district, where it stretches along the Venetian lagoon, occupying an overall area of 86,000 sq. m., of which 48,000 sq. m. are located indoors. 
The plant has a long tradition; built in 1936, it has undergone several industrial transformations, leading to the current configuration as an important international industrial production centre.

The transformation process of metal laminate Zinc into zintek® Zinc-Titanium begins with the melting of Zinc in various smelting furnaces, where it is alloyed with Copper and Titanium and channelled in a continuous casting process, from which it emerges in the shape of a wide-band sheet roll. 
Following the semi-finished product stage, after undergoing specific heat treatment processes, the product enters the rolling mills downstream, and from there, after being stretched out, it enters the cutting lines where it is prepared for storage and shipment. 

Pursuant to the quality provisions under UNI EN ISO 9002:94 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, during each stage of production the process is monitored by computer systems that record operating parameters and product specifications. 
All casting processes are identified, sampled and analysed in laboratories for chemical, mechanical and technological tests. 
Only after accurate analyses is the product certified and released on the market in compliance with EN 988.

Ongoing investments in production systems and products have brought Simar to a level of efficiency, reliability and competitiveness that make it an ideal partner for all businesses making use of non-ferrous metallurgy products. 
The company’s ability to interpret market needs has led the Simar research and development division to develop, in the realm of zinc laminates, a product that is fully suitable as material used for roof coverings and cladding solutions in the building sector.

Zintek Srl

Zintek Srl can boast a technical structure and a commercial organization capable of offering guarantees and follow-up to all customers who make zintek® their material of choice for roof and façade cladding solutions.
Zintek Srl, besides having its roots firmly planted in Simar Spa, also partners with carefully selected companies, forming a uniquely resourceful team, capable of meeting any request from its target customer base.
The marketing of the product is mainly managed by two departments, the Technical division and the Sales division.